IMG_1607C’est moi! It’s me – Em. I’m a mum, wife, teacher and student currently residing on the edge of Melbourne’s urban sprawl. I love to write, relish in routines and attempt to speak French. According to the rants of my husband, I’m hopeless with packets too – Can’t open them without butchering them. Sometimes, can’t open them at all. Perhaps this was the first sign from the universe, directing me to exit-left the highway and take the scenic route to a more eco-friendly, packetless existence.

Between work and uni and life, I’m also extremely busy.

Previously, ‘busy’ is a badge I would wear with pride. However more recently, life’s rush has tasted bitter, every important milestone – my daughter’s birthday, my son’s first day of school, an anniversary – reminding me of the price of pace.

I began searching for an alternative. I became a little addicted to podcasts about real food, minimalism and mindfulness. I found some wonderful resources and inspirational stories. But… A lot of these seemed far removed from my reality as a working mum, living in the suburbs, swimming in stuff.

Which brings me to LESS and MOREish: A place where you can follow my small steps to a happier, healthier, richer life with less. I hope that by starting at ground zero and sharing my journey (nay, quest!) to a slower, more sustainable life, it will provide useful tidbits for those sharing some of the same goals. Or… at least a laugh, as I stumble and stagger along the way.